Items remaining free to collect Sunday 6th August

ALL items free to collect unless otherwise stated. Please ensure that you come and collect today or early tomorrow. If comments won’t work for you send  a  message via Facebook or mail beth at this domain.

  • Ceramic table lamp base in neutral colour
  • Small flatscreen monitor 15″
  • various storage boxes (not the Really Useful lidded crates yet, sorry) –  two square tubs remaining, could be turned into planters
  • Tablecloths, purple, white damask,
  • Brita water filter jug
  • Glassware: bowls, wine glasses, decanter, vases, ornaments… general knicknackery
  • Pyrex oval pie dish and round pie plate
  • photographer’s tripod focussing rack (for macro stacking etc)
  • white kitchen china dishes etc (much diminished now)
  • shoe trees for ladies 6/7
  • two hairdryers
  • asstd office items incl printables such as photo paper and greetings cards, really good quality hole punch, stapler etc
  • CD/DVD cases by Case Logic.
  • suitcase and suit carrier
  • briefcases/laptop bags
  • floating shelf in beech wood with underside lighting
  • Some yarn remaining, mainly laceweight on cones
  • also jars of “well-matured” (*cough*)  mincemeat and spiced fruit chutney, should you fancy ’em

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