Ingrid, not Bergman

50%-WIP-3Ingrid has been on the needles for 28 days. It’s true, my geek-knitter-girl spreadsheet tells me so. It also tells me that the scarf is 50% done. What is doesn’t tell me is the number of active knitting days on it – which must be 4 or 5. There must be at least as many left in it, even though I can scarcely keep my hands off it. I find it a comforting knit but a thick head and bleary eyes and aching limbs combine to make progress slow.

The Desk Mitts are still in need of completion. I should put them first. Not least because the man across the desk from me wants them to keep his chilly hands warm, but also because I hate having them sitting there looking at me. They have a baleful stare. Horrible things.

So, Mr L needs his mitts and I would like the needles free for Thursday’s ferry. I want to take the Earl Grey socks with me, and have them cast on and joined in the round before I get to the boat. Looks like it’s time to knuckle down to the boring old mitts and put the Butternut Scarf away once more. Some self-discipline is required.

ETA to Ingrid completion? Let’s say a week – allowing a compensatory knitting session of one pattern repeat a day between things that ought to be given priority.

Can’t say that I feel very much like a day’s shopping in K’wall. Maybe I’ll be perkier by Thursday, but progress of the virus still appears to be in the wrong direction just now.

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