Increasing activity levels

Nell enjoyed her walk today much more than yesterday’s. Overnight thunderstorms and generally lower temperatures have rendered things much more pleasant and put the spring back into her step. I, on the other hand, had to summon more reserves of self-discipline than I thought that I owned. Too many aches and pains and much tiredness following over-walking in the past few days and Nature’s fireworks last night. I did push however and I managed not to take a short cut and to keep myself going. Was it the thought of the tyrant Fitbit on my wrist or responsibility towards the dog? Neither, to be honest, I just don’t want her mithering her dad when he gets home after a 450k drive. The thought of hitting my daily and weekly exercise goals may have played a small part in it too.

That kind of activity has contributed partially to the lack of activity here and I should like to fix that. It’s not that I don’t write posts – I write them daily in my head as we go about our wanderings. The thoughts either flee later or I simply have other things to do and lack the time. Being hacked does not help support my will to write either!

Today I took my phone with me on my walk, which was good because it actually produced a map today and I had it for photo purposes when I spotted these

Ducklings and young Guineafowl

Well, I got to pondering. I have a camera on my phone and I have a WordPress app. Instead of writing in my head and then forgetting, why not commit my thoughts as I walk. Could the app be used offline, I wondered. Even better, if it can be used offline, may I also dictate to it? It turns out that the answer to both these questions is “yes”.

Perhaps I will give it a go. I will need to remember to take the phone, which is not a habit I have yet developed (hating phones as I do), and remember to charge it fully first. I will also need to carry my glasses so that I can operate the damn thing. I’ll be encumbered: dog, lead, poo bags, water bottle, hat, reading glasses, phone… so will need also to take a bag, which is something that I do not favour when walking. So, maybe I won’t bother.

Shall we wait and see?

I spent the remainder of my morning continuing to knock the house into shape, unpacking boxes and filling drawers etc. We almost look like a home but there is work yet to be done.

(Mr L is home from Paris with our new motorhome. I shall ask him to clean up the server for me as soon as he feels up to it. We’ll be on the road again soon. Maybe if I can dictate to my phone I shall be able to keep my blogging up to date better when roaming.)

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