In search of the lost cowl

The other day, I was tearing the house apart looking for the cowl that I was knitting to my own design. I could not find it anywhere at all. I knew with absolute certainty where I had it last – in the bedroom. I recalled storing it in a plastic box along with that Herringbone Rib sock that plagues me so… It wasn’t there when I looked. I mean – the box was there but the cowl was not in it, just the damned sock.

It wasn’t in any of my project bags…

…It was nowhere in my workroom.

So I started the Bitterroot Shawl, and hoped that the cowl would turn up somewhere soon.

This morning the cowl made itself known. I was sitting on the edge of my bed, getting dressed. My gaze moved towards the bedside table and there, in the Herringbone Rib Sock project box – I could see the Posh yarn that I was making the cowl from. I removed the box lid, and there was my cowl.

Now. How does that work?

How come it wasn’t there last week but was there today? It’s a small project box. There’s nowhere for my knitting to hide in it.


I am bemused. I am also pleased. I can continue to knit my cowl now.

And I need new knitting – because the Bitterroot Shawl was cast off this evening. My first ever beaded shawl project is complete.


Unfortunately I had a major disaster on the last few inches of the cast off. Some stitches on my left hand needle unravelled themselves. I must have dropped a stitch on the previous row and not noticed it at the time. It left me in a quandary. The cast off had been interminable and complicated. The idea of unpicking it and rescuing all my stitches, then tinking back 4 or 5, maybe 6 rows… and doing it all again. You may imagine how I was feeling.

I grabbed the crochet hook that I had been using to apply the beads, and I picked up loops in the best way I could hope to. I have no idea what I did, other than to panic.

I plan to wash and block the shawl and see if the muck up screams too loudly at me. If it does, then I’ll take the pain on board. If it doesn’t – well, who’s to know except me?

And you, of course.


Next up: (a) block Bitterroot (b) complete the cowl (c) finish the second Very Terhi mitt, which is only two rows old at the moment. I’m looking no further ahead than that.

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