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Lunch came out of a packet today. I feel quite guilty. All that I did was to sling a ready prepared Piri Piri chicken into the oven, and add water to a packet mix of Rice and Quinoa and burble that on the stove for a while. I did make a salad. What did I do with the time that I normally spend preparing lunch? I made a batch of bread rolls and put in twenty minutes on the treadmill.

The breadrolls went a bit wrong when I entirely forgot that I had left them proving…. for an hour and a half!

We wasted a lot of time today after Mr L was reminded that his employer will give him a substantial sum for a “retirement party”. This sum used to pay for the leaving do but over the years has become a less than useful sum for entertaining a large number. Managers now have the discretion to pay individuals for their own private do. In effect it’s a nice little pot to pay for dinner for two at a really special restaurant. Mr L has to pay the bill then send receipts in to be reimbursed later.

Of course we could not resist looking up a few good establishments and seeing is we might fit in a visit on our way South. At the moment I am in favour of the Three Chimneys and a couple of nights on Skye, whereas the boss likes the look of a Michelin-starred place in Anstruther, The Cellar. Getting Hank to the Three Chimneys and finding an overnight spot might be challenging. Anstruther has no suitable wilding but does have a nice touring site about a 3/4 mile stroll from the restaurant. Anstruther also offers the potential for stopping a little longer and finally testing out the Anstruther Fish Bar.

It’s a difficult choice,  made worse by the presence of further options.

Yesterday I spotted a packet of yarn that was on a shelf in the office. I examined it and realised that I had absolutely no idea what I had bought it for. It took a while but clever old Ravelry came to my rescue. I used the advanced pattern search for yarn of that weight and composition, with the yardage that I have,  and I came to the right place.

Firth ‘o Forth. Image (c) Kate Davies Designs

Now I am all fired up and wanting to be swatching!

Things should be fine as the yarn that I have is very close in weight and is of the same fibre composition as the specified yarn – only mine cost me under a fiver. Yes, that is true.

Gill was here yesterday and I was chatting to her about my knitting plans for the winter. I need enough knitting to keep me busy but it must not take up too much space in the van. I have some projects part way through that I plan to take but am scared of running out. I am thinking that whichever projects that I take, they need ot have utility immediately – so winter wear to keep me warm in the van or blankets for the bed and so on.  This cardigan would be ideal. When I was thinking about this pattern at the time that it came out, I earmarked it “for later on” and shuddered to think what damage Teddy might do to it. I no longer have that worry and it will make a beautifully warm but lightweight “shrug-on. ” Better yet, the 400 grams of yarn will take up very little space when I pack.

I must remember to do the swatching and needle-sizing in good time so that I can ensure a sufficiency of needles. Imagine sitting there in the  heart of D&G and the depth of winter, bored to tears… with a pack of yarn at hand and no needles. It does not bear thinking about.

One of the groups on FB that I read and post to regularly is The Alphabet Challenge group. Each week a set of letters is given out, and a daily photograph on a theme or with a title employing a word starting with the day’s letter(s) is uploaded. I’ve made that sound complicated, haven’t I? It isn’t. Each day normally has an initial letter allotted or sometimes two starting letters, rarely it is three. There may be a theme, or there might not. Let me elucidate: last week’s theme was the months of the year: Ja, Fe, Ma, Ap, Se, Oc, No. I posted: Java (coffee/beans), Ferrous (an old tractor wheel),  St Magnus Cathedral, Apple, Seal, Occasion and Nocturnal.  So far, so good. This week’s theme is the days of the week but in French: Lu, Ma, Me, Je, Ve, Sa, Di. Guess which loony decided to kick off the week using French titles. Go on. Guess. You don’t need to? Me? Well, it might have been. I am guessing that I have made a rod for my own back but we shall see how things go.

The week starts on a Wednesday so today, being Mercredi, I posted…

Les Membres
Les Membres

Now I’m faced with tomorrow being Jeudi. Oh, my. Still, it’s all good practice before we set off for La Belle France.

It’s a closed group. Let me know if you fancy joining in the fun and I’ll send an Invite. Photos must be your own but they can be old, you don’t have to take them especially and you need only post when you want to, not every day if that does not suit.

It has been a wet day today. I am concerned that the Show field will be a little soggy on Friday. Thankfully the forecast for the day is not bad at all, just cloudy.

I’m wavering – should I raid my Show Box and make some entries?

And now, I am going to buy a pattern and seek some needles, plan some winter knitting, then swatch.

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