If this is Retirement…

… it might not be so bad, this Retirement thingy.

This morning we went to put the rubbish to the gate and then came back and, er, retired again. Later we had a leisurely breakfast and then took a stroll out to the postbox via the beach, picking up some free range eggs on the way. It was so pleasant out that we turned up the Hammerbrake track and went for the circular route instead of coming straight home. After a refreshing bottle of lager I made Kedgeree for dinner.

Here are a few of the things that caught my eye as we wandered about.

and I thought that my cats were bad...
and I thought that my cats were bad…
I love the myriad reflections in these bales
I love the myriad reflections in these bales
I would never have thought of planting in the toe!
I would never have thought of planting in the toe!
The Last Post
The Last Post

There was more to the day, of course, but not a great deal. Mr L gave me a nudge to indicate that I had only two days in which to select my OU course, register for it and apply for funding. At almost the precise same moment I heard back from an enquiry that I had sent in to check that I can indeed have fees funding and, believe it or not, I can!  So – I knuckled down to it, not that it got me very far.

Many moons ago, so long ago that it was in the last Century, I was out of the workplace and back in the home, looking for something to keep my brain going. I elected to take an Open University degree and duly applied. At that time I applied  for the Arts Foundation Course, A101. My reasoning was that as I took Sciences at school, if it turned out that I was not bright enough to gain a degree, I would at least be stretching myself, learning something new and broadening my horizons.

Unfortunately (or possibly not) that course was full up and I was given a choice of waiting for a year or considering an offer to take the Technology Foundation instead. I did not want to wait a year and so I went off to study T102.

Well, it turned out that not only was I bright enough to study at this level but also bright enough to win a prize for being the best student on the course (not previously qualified for University.) There was a trophy and a large cheque. When it came time to choose my following course I realised that I could not just take the money and run: kissing Technology goodbye and going off to study The 19th Century Novel and its Legacy or some such. So I stuck it out, and my path was one of Maths, Science and Technology.

With only two days to sort this out, and being like a kiddie in a sweet shop when it comes to the OU Prospectus, I decided not to spend hours looking at all that is on offer now. I am returning to the original plan and have opted for the equivalent Level 1 course to the old A101 Foundation: AA100 The Arts past and present. Enrichment is the name of this particular study game.

Here is the rub – when I attempted to apply for a new degree profile and register for AA100, the system spat me out. Apparently  I am still registered on an old Degree programme, to convert my old fashioned BA into a nice stylish BSc Hons (I did not complete the Hons previously as I switched directly to a Masters course after graduating with a BA). I had totally forgotten about doing this, ten years ago.

The Level 1 course that I now want to do is not allowed under the degree profile that I am registered for. Hence the spit. I have contacted the registration office and hope to sort it out soon but there is apparently a delay of up to 10 days in dealing with enquiries and I have only until the end of this month if I wish to study in October.

I don’t mind if I am delayed, not really. I was expecting to start in February when this mad idea first popped into my head  so it’s not important. Mr L is really keen for me to begin immediately and make full use of the winter months and I do see his point. Reading the Module description also fired me up rather but if I can’t get in this time I do at least have the reading list and can make a start on that.

We shall see.

In Other News: Nell has taken her new job as Fearless Defender to heart. Since our little excitement in the wee small hours of Sunday she has been on permanent full alert and barks loudly and wildly at every noise, real or imagined. It pleases her to be brave, you can tell.  I like her new bark, it is far more businesslike than her old one.

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