I cannot believe that I did this…

I need to unsub from Natalie’s blog and the Yarn Yard mailing list. I just cannot afford the temptation.


Newly arrived roving and sock yarn, with half an eye on the PS3 Water theme.

Tell you what – why don’t you, dear reader, go buy up everything that Natalie has for sale and thereby save me from myself?


oh, just look at the Twirly!


Every time that I walk past the console table in the sitting room, that Arizona Merino chides me gently. Alas, it is not yet re-cast on. A migraine is making feel very drained and lethargic today and it is all that I can muster just to console myself by knitting cashmere.

Of course, knitting cashmere into lace on 2mm needles is not the best thing to be doing with more-than-usually dodgy eyesight. There are errors. Oh, yes.

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Oh, deer

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