I always cry at weddings

WIP Wednesday!

WIPpage this week has been entirely confined to this little piece of froth…

Maggie's Tears

It is the rectangular stole version of Kieran Foley’s Teardrop shawl. I am making it in a 2ply alpaca blend yarn – Machair, from The Yarn Yard. There is some very subtle beading going on there, with 11/0 beads in pink, gold and crystal. I’m calling the project I Always Cry at Weddings, and it will be one of my 10 Shawls in 2010

The stole is  for my friend Maggie, whose daughter is being married in August in Cyprus.

Surprisingly slow work – I began the shawl last Thursday evening. By Monday it looked like this


I knitted late into the night last night and today we are just about halfway. There is a lot of knitting left to do!


Maggie also wants a head band and matching bag, if possible.

This stole is the reason why the blog is being so quiet. We shall be back, once I have finished the commission.

Some real life is happening – we’ve been on the beach today, but now it is time to return to the needles…

De-stressing, with the dogs