How far and how wide?

I admit it. My thoughts have been more scattered than ever as of late. Don’t think that I have not had them, because I have had many. My biggest problem is that they do not stay in my head for long. I will typically write long posts in my head when I am out walking but when I get home I can neither remember them nor find the will to sit down and write.

I am trying to resolve this.

I have the will.

If you have missed this: I am taking a break from Facebook and I hope that this will free up the time and the interest to get back to updating my various blog chronicles. To be honest, if ‘im indoors hadn’t renewed all the domains, I would be looking at consolidating my various activities on one site. My former Professional Admin mindset and the consequent need to keep things catalogued, separated, correlated,neatly indexed and very, very tidy appear to have dissipated. This is. I believe A Good Thing. It was all a bit anal, really.

Alas, I shall be away from my desk for a protracted period and I find blogging on the road to be most challenging. Before we set off I am trying to set up systems that will assist me in doing what it is that I want to do.

Today I have been trying to collect my activities together; collating WordPress accounts (with only small success) and attempting the same with Instagram (perhaps slightly more successfully). I am also trying to find apps that may assist.

It is not an exciting way to be spending my day.

One other thing that I hoped to achieve today was to turn some sock heels. I have not knitted in a very long time and I miss that activity. If have two pairs of socks waiting to have their heels turned. If I can close the heels before we set off than I have a fighting chance of knitting away happily as we drive along on the van. So far my battles with the Internet have prevented me achieving this goal.

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