Hey, ho, off to the Show

It is done, I am packed!

All 23 entries for this year’s Sanday Show< are appropriately finished, labelled and packed and ready to take to the submission evening on Thursday. Never have I been so organised. I find myself sitting twiddling thumbs and wondering what to do with myself all of a sudden. I may have an answer.

Entries are restricted to Knitting, Spinning and Photography classes. My photographs I had printed in town last week and was frankly a little disappointed with them. I’ll discuss those elsewhere shortly.

There were 22 entries in my box until I realised that I had only one item “Knitted from Handspun” and really ought to make a second entry. I looked about me and found the corespun yarn that I experimented with a while back. It turned rapidly into a longstitch scarf.

Some scenes from the past few (hectic) days:

and here is the one that got away:

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