Hello, blog, did you miss me? I’m back…

While I was gone, we rebuilt the Sanday Spinners website, and added an online shop! We now sell Ashford spinning and weaving equipment online (we’ve been selling locally for a couple of years now) and hope to sell some handspun yarns, fleeces, spinning tools and other craft items as well.

It has been a lot of work!

Sanday Spinners are also taking commissions for spinning and knitting etc. While I was building the site, I was also knitting a handspun scarf for a customer.  Here is a sneak peak:

Wayfarer, blocking

I used some of Jean’s handspun yarn for this and it is made from natural grey Gotland lamb. The pattern is Brooklyn Tweed’s Wayfarer scarf. It is still on the blocking table and will be unpinned tomorrow. I’ll do beauty shots before I post it away.

As part of this great venture, I have also been updating our logo and “company image” (LOL) – we now have new business cards and sew-in labels etc. with which to brand our products. In short, we are feeling a teeny bit slick 🙂


In case you had not yet twigged – the “we” in this equation is Spinning Gill and myself – in the guise of Sanday Spinners. We may not get rich, and we probably don’t want to, but we hope to take some of the financial load off our ever-lovings with our new enterprise. Wish us luck!

Oh, as part of the site re-launch, we are having a blog draw competition. We hope to see you over on the new site – telling us all about what you want for Christmas. Watch out for a Sanday Spinners blog post on this topic tomorrow morning (Saturday 23rd October.) Lots of lovely prizes to be won, and you may have multiple entries.

Right – no time for resting upon laurels, I have another commission deadline to meet, with two fine lace scarves to be knitted. Busy, busy, busy!