Is it too early in the day for hugs/chocolate/gin?

Early? It feels late. I’ve been awake for hours, mulling over what I want to say in my interview. At 5:30am I found it. Exactly. It was all so clear. I rehearsed it in my head, I refined it. Eventually I had to get up and get it onto paper. So I got up, without a shower, made a cup of tea, fired up my Dragon in the dark, and told my computer all about it… no, I didn’t, because by then I had lost it again.

I’ve been busy all weekend working on this thing – see


That’s a whole heap of busy, if you ask me.

Has it got me any further forward? I doubt it! Information overload. Never a good thing…

ARGH! It’s no good. I have to get something together in the next couple of hours then walk away and let it simmer. Also, I would like my shower!

I’ve been well-behaved. I took breaks and did something completely different from time to time. Just like you are supposed to. I started another Blind Panic (Noro hat) and knitted almost an entire Displacement Mitt to coordinate with it. (And I knitted half a pattern repeat on the Butternut Scarf – and had to tink it all back again when I noticed a dropped stitch. 12 rows. TWELVE BLOODY ROWS! a lifeline is now in place…)

But nothing works! I think I have been away from the world of work for so long that I have just forgotten how to order my thoughts properly. That part of my brain has become disused (as reading this blog has no doubt evidenced many times over, dear reader)

Anyway, the end is in sight. “All” I have to do is to

  1. encapsulate those three diagrams into three or four key thoughts,
  2. and then merge them into the two sides of A4 that I have written,
  3. check that it all fits into 5 to 10 minutes when verbalised,
  4. then reduce it to a brief set of bullet points that I can crib from tomorrow.



Oh, and find some suitable clothes to  wear that still fit. Now that’s going to be difficult. And I shall probably have to iron!

I’m skiving patchwork tonight. I just would not be able to cope. I shall have a hot bath, a back rub, and an early night instead. Much better preparation than anguishing over my seams, I can tell you. Besides, I haven’t done my homework *blush*