Greens are good

Knitting has not progressed quite as well as hoped but I’m not minded to complain as we had a lovely Sunday afternoon out on the beach instead. I did make it well up the armholes and have carried on today, enjoying myself thoroughly with the Fauré Requiem and Mozart’s Exsultate, jubilate. Just blissful. How lucky we are to have such an institution as The Proms.

Defeated by technology
Defeated by technology

Mr L has elected to join  the 21st Century and has acquired a cheap smartphone. Retirement is looming very closely now and when work is over, the landline will be taken away. We are trying to work out a mobile solution and it is not proving to be easy – mainly because neither of us really understands mobile tech. The process is made harder by the poor reception in our locale.

Having tried SIMs from 3 and finding that we have a strip of land in the garden about a metre wide where we can pick up a signal, we sent for Tesco (O2) SIMs. Again, reception at home was not great. Hence the walk at Backaskaill, with clear line of sight to the mast.

Well, I had a signal okay, but Mr L failed to find one.

It is all proving to be Just Too difficult.

And now he tells me that I too have  a new phone on its way. There is nothing wrong with my existing one but it only has one SIM slot and we recognise that on our travels it may be clever of us to have a second network. “Or we could have four!” I said, “And always be able to find a signal one way or another.”

Eventually he gave up on trying to register the phone to a network and took photos instead. The camera was pronounced as “rubbish”. Ah, well. Sometimes, you get what you pay for.

It was fun, to be out and about with my camera and not feeling like I am being a nuisance. We happily snapped away together for ages. Sadly my photos were underwhelming when I got them home.

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Today’s weather has been a complete contrast to the beautiful day that we had yesterday. It’s dark and grey and not best suited to knitting dark green yarn.

Dark green veg is another matter entirely. This was definitely a green veg day. I love spinach. Spinach is definitely at the top of my list of favourite veg, it is delicious. I like to make soup with it, really enjoy it simply creamed and served as a side veg, it makes fantastic curried dishes too but as Spanakopita, it is unbeatable.

I remember the first time that I ate Spanakopita – it was in the canteen at Stirling University, of all places. One more Summer School treat. (Of all the Summer Schools that I ever attended, Stirling certainly won the award for Best Food Evah. Their Haggis? To die for.)

It’s a simple dish, Spanakopita, but a little off-putting. Firstly there is the whole “Where on earth do I find sufficient Spinach leaves?” question. Then there’s the Filo pastry issue. Make it or buy it? Making it requires great strength of character and not a little skill. Buying it is so easy but the product is frankly dire. This time, I purchased, and regretted.

This afternoon was dampened even further by finding out that OIC want us to pay double for the pitch we wish to book for a weekend in August at Stromness. That is something we had not been anticipating.

Well, it is time that I returned to my knitting. I need to see this Front finished before I begin to feel really good about progress. Perhaps sometime tomorrow… for now I have 12 rows of the first charts to finish, then split the neck and knit 24 rows of the final chart.

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