Green of the Day 28 March 2009

A total cheat today[1] (I didn’t even take the photograph)

No, really - it is definitely "green"
No, really - it is definitely "green"

It arrived in this morning’s post, just at the point at which we had give up on the postie and were about to let the dogs out[2].

“Green” kettle 🙂

[1] Puzzles and the man sweater have kept me occupied all day. The sweater just needs seaming now, which I am about to commence. Not  a moment too soon, now that the snow has returned.

[2] Today’s post was exceptionally late as the postie is on holiday this week. The relief postie started his holidays last night. The relief relief postie is off sick. So one postie had to do two rounds today. File this item under “island living.”