A sunny day today so I took three FOs out to photograph in daylight. Coincidentally, all scarves. Also by horrible coincidence, all three present real problems in colour consistency. I am sure one or two of them must be close to true colour…ish.

Sea-Fever-FO-1thbSea-Fever-FO-2thb Sea-Fever-FO-3thb

Emperor-Pine-Cone-FO-1thb Emperor-Pine-Cone-FO-2thb Emperor-Pine-Cone-FO-3thb

Sunset-Strip-FO-1thb Sunset-Strip-FO-2thb

Plagued by a 3 day migraine again this weekend, plus terminal apathy, and a massive cook load… so I found myself sewing in ends and fringing the birthday scarf by the light of a red sun this morning. The gift has been suitably received, declared not to be too long and not in need of shortening. That’s kind. But it does require shortening, really. “Very Dr Who,” he said. See?

I balked at picking up the gusset on my Green ‘n Growlly sock so actually ended up casting on another sock project, Thorfinn, this weekend. More of that later.

Next on the needles is Vibrotis (aka Clapotis Mk II) – a project about which I have deep misgivings, but we will see what happens. I plan to take Vibrotis to Craft Club tonight, so may cast it on this afternoon. I feel drained from the headache and all that cooking[1] yesterday, so need a quick and easy knit rather than picking up tiny stitches on sock gussets. More on Vibrotis later, too.

Over the holidays, I plan to nail that toe-up Firestarter sock pattern, though as yet have received no offers of assistance with the parts that I don’t understand (this may be due to the fact that Support still say it must be that I have changed my password… rather than that nobody has tried to get in touch)  It will have to be trial and error, but I do not intend to be beaten by it.

And now for a quite and recuperative day. I still need to make a somewhat belated birthday card, and make a light lunch after yesterday’s excess (fish, I think) – but I anticipate feet up all afternoon, if I hope to go out tonight. Maybe I’ll have one more battle with Support, but I am not sure that I have the stomach for it.

Oh, good heavens. I also need to bake for tonight as well… I forgot about that!

[1] Baked goats’ cheese and chutney; fillet steak, proper chunky chips, onion rings, baked tomatoes, mushrooms, veg, garlic mayo, black pepper and cognac butter; christmas pudding ice cream in brandy snap basket.


  1. December 17, 2007

    Some very effective and imaginative shots here. I still think there’s a career waiting for you in photographing wool/knitted items. 🙂

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