For the duration

There is going to be a dearth of complicated cookery around here until such time as either we can afford to fix the Rayburn or the weather warms up. I think I know which will come the sooner! It is cold in the kitchen, as it is not normally heated by the CH system. That part of the system we keep switched off, as it heats the un-insulated outside porch[1] on its way to the kitchen – and that is extremely wasteful. Thus it is cold at that end of the house – really, really cold. I shall be looking for meals that involve no more than ten minutes preparation and we shall be eating in the sitting room for the duration.

Today we are having haggis. I just checked the heating instructions and we may boil it for 90 minutes, bake it for 45 minutes, or nuke it for 5 minutes. The choice is an easy one – nuke and save the planet.

Teddy has a different opinion. As he can’t currently warm himself on the Rayburn, he favours the oven bake approach and then he can sit on the electric hob and warm himself from the oven vent.


Now, where did I leave my thermal undies?

[1] not only is the porch not insulated or double glazed but the guttering runs through the porch over the front door and there are (obviously) holes at either end of the gutter allowing it to pass through the stone walls. A lot of wind passes through that route as well.