Fo: Winter Shawl

A very belated FO post — this shawl was completed ages ago but blocking was deferred.

Mere photos cannot do justice to the handle of this garment. The yarn is so smooth and almost silky – soft, warm, and plumptious. The finished article has both heft and drape – in fact, it almost has sproing. I so wish that I had a crinoline to wear this shawl over. It just begs to be draped in the crook of the arms and dangled over a full skirt…

  • Cast on Date: Sep 4, 2009
  • Pattern: A Handsome Triangle by Jane Sowerby from Victorian Lace Today
  • Yarn: Colourmart Extra Fine Merino
    • Weight: DK 10/28NM
    • Length: 1,200 yards or thereabouts
    • Amount: 395g
    • Cost: about £18
    • Colour: Forest
  • Needles: 5mm
  • Pattern Repeats: As written (I think)
  • Blocked: Lightly
  • Finished Size: 90″ by 42″ or thereabouts
  • Cast Off: Crochet loop edging
  • Cast Off Date: Oct 18, 2009
  • Ravelry Project: Winter Shawl

At over 90″ wide this is the real deal, it is no mere triangular scarf but a real snuggle up winter warmer. I love the stitch pattern and I would make this again – but I’d leave out the nasty glaring error which manifested itself on the blocking mat. Who magics these things into my projects – that’s what I wish to know!

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