FO: I always cry at weddings

When I completed the Frozen Leaves shawl, I mentioned to a friend that I was planning to give it away – perhaps to a bride. She told me another friend was looking for a shawl or stole to wear as mother of the bride and it would be lovely for her. I opined that white was not an option for anyone but the bride… but that I would love to knit something custom made for Mum.

Samples were sent in order to guide a brief – and my treasured skein of pink Machair from The Yarn Yard was chosen as just the right shade to go with the dress…

The wedding is to be held in Cyprus in August, so I knew that something very light and open would be needed. I had been planning to knit a Teardrop  Shawl anyway and I knew that Mum would like its simple patterning.

Thus was born the Teardrop Stole aka I Always Cry at Weddings.

Due to time being short, I don’t have any good FO photographs. I unpinned the stole yesterday morning, when the weather was grey and grim, and took it straight to its new owner. I did what I could, which was not much – and DH made a poor model, really – he lacked the necessary grace 🙂

The Mum is a tiny dot of a thing and will look far more graceful...
  • Cast on Date: 1 July, 2008
  • Pattern: Teardrop by Kieran Foley
  • Pattern Price: $4.75
  • Yarn: Machair from The Yarn Yard
    • Quality: 70% Alpaca, 20% Silk, 10% Cashmere
    • Weight: laceweight 1,200 yards/100g
    • Length: 500 yards
    • Amount: 42g
    • Cost: about £7, incl beads
    • Colour: 422 (dusky pink)
  • Beads: 11/0 mix in pink/gold/crystal – applied with dental floss
  • Needles: 4.5mm
  • Stitches: as written (rectangular modification)
  • Pattern Repeats: 19, I think
  • Blocked: Yes, quite hard – I wanted a very open structure
  • Finished Size: 72″ by 17″
  • Cast Off: Lace
  • Cast Off Date: 28 July, 2010
  • Ravelry Project: I always Cry at Weddings
The colour does not come up well in poor light

The stitch pattern for Teardrop is quite easy, once you get it going, and is quickly memorised. The rectangular version has the benefit of a standard cast-on and straight lines. It should have been quite a fast knit but my combination of yarn and needles contrived to strain my hands and I needed regular breaks.

The stole is beaded, but intentionally very subtly. I used small (11/0) beads in a matching shade of pink, with some gold and crystal beads to add some accents. They are not obtrusive but should just catch the Cyprus sun every now and again to add a little sparkly magic.

I really love this stole and I am so happy that it is going to an appreciative home.


There is a stack of yarn left over and I shall be making a mini version of the stole for Mum to wear as a head band. It  will be beaded like the larger version but will be made on a smaller needle. I have  a deadline to meet on it, so my hands are already complaining – and I haven’t even cast it on yet! (after The Show!)

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  1. jenny
    July 31, 2010

    that is absolutely gorgeous – I can’t believe how fast you knit!

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