Extreme shopping and Yarn Addiction

I bought yarn last night – a pack of eight balls (400g) of yarn direct from the manufacturer. It cost me £3.84. The International postage was more than the yarn price but the whole deal only cost £8.26 and will provide me with a few weeks of knitting entertainment. Sure enough, it’s not the kind of yarn that I would normally work with but it’s not a normal project and it’s not going next to my skin. It’s a bit of fun – unless knitting with 100% Polyester turns out to be actually Not A Lot Of Fun. I suspect that may be the truth of it but I plan to experiment and to find out –  and it’s not hugely expensive to do so.

Should I mention that I offset this rather alarming purchase with a foray into the other extreme of the yarn spectrum with a purchase at the Colinette site? Probably not. Don’t tell Mr L.

What? You really want to know? OK. Just 3 skeins of Skye for a nice scarf thing for me, plus a “Creative Pack” of Art yarn for the hexapuff blanket project, bought mainly in order to get into the free postage band. I really should make more progress on my puffs…

Overall I find myself irritated by my personal lack of knitting effort and I plan to give myself a kick up the backside. This I started the day before yesterday by removing all my game apps from Facebook to free up some of my wasted time. Yesterday I added there of them back in again because I had time on my hands and nothing to do.

Silly woman!

I have masses to do! I have knitting and spinning to do. I have reading to catch up on. I have MOOCs to study and I have last years trip to Scotland to write up on Brunhilde’s blog plus the rest of the Hoy trip. I have the van to ready for another trip and I have bread to bake. I have…

Well, you get the picture.

I’m simply stupid.

That’s another thing. It’s not just the lack of knitting that is concerning me. I am feeling really very dull and stupid at present and registered the other day that I am not learning anything right now. Lack of learning makes me feel quite dissatisfied with my life and irritable with myself. I need to learn but right now appear to be in a rut. I have a handful of MOOCs in my diary but have not actually started to study any of them. I have plans to learn French for next year’s trip but have not actually knuckled down to it. I am not even learning any new knitting techniques. There is nothing going on and that makes me sluggish and so I find no energy to get something going and round the cycle goes.

I need to intervene and so… I am away to remove those apps again (and stick to it this time) but my real feeling is that I need to close the FB account. I am so very bored with FB and it is a complete waste of otherwise valuable time. I really only started using the account when I was studying a MOOC about the social web. I never planned to stay on there because I really don’t like the environment and see very little point in it. The hard part is that so many of my friends have inhabited FB and deserted LiveJournals, blogs, etcetera and I really do not wish to lose my view into their worlds. My Feed Reader is so quiet these days and without FB I might be tempted to think that all my pals had left the planet.

No, I do not know what to do about this conundrum. I do know that I do not want to waste my time there any longer though. There is Stuff to be done and New Stuff to learn and I am the one to be doing it.

Speaking of which, I added another item to my French immersion learning list last night: Le Tricot. I fell across a pattern written in French and it struck me as one more way to absorb the language – to knit in French. I used to like Phildar yarns… So, we tried to work out what the French for Knitting Pattern might be but we swiftly gave up and tried instead to fathom what the French for Border Collie might be (don’t ask, conversations just work that way in our house).

Mr L says it is simple: Frontière means border and you add that to Choufleur, which as we all recall from school days is French for Cauli.

Ho, ho, ho – my aching sides.

He’d best not be that witty when we go to Normandy. I am not sure that the French would appreciate such a sense of humour.

Must get on. I think I need to clear my desk. It still has a very large cardboard box on it from when we moved Mr L back in here. There is clutter everywhere that the box is not. It’s awful. Perhaps if I did something about the mess I might want to settle down to some studying – or at the very least find some space in which to knit.

Lunch is coming out of a foil tray today. It is very disconcerting. Sticking something ready-made in the oven leaves me at a loose end normally (not that there is anything normal in this house about ready-made food!)  and wondering what to do with my time. Today I am really going to capitalise on it and be effective and useful and dynamic and… I need a coffee. I had also better go warm the Aga up or we shall have no lunch at all!

Autumn will be with us very soon and the Aga will go on to always-on mode and then I shan’t have to consider such complexity.

OMG. Why am I buying yarn? I have so much already and a great long queue of projects waiting for me to finish my WIPs and UFOs.

Help – my name is Beth and I am a Yarn Addict. An intervention is needed. Now.

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