Doubling up

So, after yesterday’s post and then sending off an email to say that I could not find the sign up page on the site… Google provided the necessary and I filled in the form.  I also joined the Facebook Group (oh, Facebook, how I do loathe thee and yet every part of my life seems invaded by you.) So, it looks like we are going Officially Wild this month. I hope that I can keep it up (I just recalled that Mr L has two weeks leave at the end of the month to DIY the floor…)

There will be photo opps galore tomorrow, when I shall about all day with my camera and perhaps visiting parts of the island that I do not see on a regular basis but today I shall be back at the tidying mill and will have to consciously make some space in my day to go wild. I hope also to begin collating the images for June’s The Changing Seasons post and to publish that as soon as possible – realistically I expect that to happen once we have restructured the office layout on Friday.

My main task today is to clear my desk of its clutter and ready it for moving across the room on Friday. I also need to bake bread, cook lunch, clean lenses, charge batteries and perhaps gird myself to tackle that sensor clean… and make time to go wild. It’s all go.

I had an idea for a photo project that came to me during the night. I am not sure that it is feasible or that I have the skills to make it work but I want to try some double exposures, featuring beach-combed items together with the beach that they were found on. Does that make some kind of sense? We shall have to see how it works out. I might experiment tomorrow with the U3A people’s outing. My camera does multiple exposures but I also have software that will create them for me. I can try both methods.

Today’s Featured Image: the Before shot

I shall soon be facing Mr L again. I must say that I have missed him during his sojourn in the broom closet. During working hours it is OK but in the evenings it seems silly to spend our time separated.

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