December Reflections 16: Plant Love

PLANT noun
1. a living organism of the kind exemplified by trees, shrubs, herbs, grasses, ferns, and mosses, typically growing in a permanent site, absorbing water and inorganic substances through its roots, and synthesizing nutrients in its leaves by photosynthesis using the green pigment chlorophyll.

Similar: herb flower vegetable shrub weed greenery flora

Dahlia, I believe

Just because I don’t garden (verb) does not mean that I have no love for plants (plural noun). I am something of a Plantswoman in fact and I largely know my identifications, my classifications and my Latin and popular names. I have in the past enjoyed planning gardens and choosing plants and establishing plantings but I am a hopelessly uncommitted gardener. Weeding and tending is too akin to the housework that so depresses me. My plants cease to be Living Organisms and revert to compost – and that’s an expensive kind of a hobby.

Bee-loved Plant

The Crooked House doesn’t have what you could honestly call a garden. It has a garden area around the house but no soil to plant in. I have wonderful visions of potted plantings on a beautiful terrasse… a pergola to shade it all with fragrant roses… but I know that because we travel so much and the summer here is so very hot and dry… it would be Plant Carnage Central. So, I get my plant fix in visiting gardens.

Fabulous painterly colour plantings all over the place. I loved this one.

It was a huge disappointment to me that this year’s anticipated revisit to Monet’s gardens at Giverny failed to happen. The photos that you see here today were all taken on our previous visit: Sep 18th 2017. I thought them worth including to cheer things up a bit. Click for larger view.

PLANT verb
1. put (a seed, bulb, or plant) in the ground so that it can grow.

Similar: sow scatter seed

My response to today’s prompt is therefore to treat plant as the verb and to urge us all to Sow the Seeds of Love. Heaven only knows, we need that right now.

Seeds of Love also require tending, feeding and watering but that is something that we are mostly equipped to do at no cost and with usually little effort.

Go forth, Plant and multiply the Love.

Remember this?

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