Crochet – Conkered!

I took my Conker Feet slippers to Spinning group this morning and enlisted help with my crochet. I successfully crocheted around the tops, and added a double crochet edge to the straps  as well. The ends are all sewn in and now all I need is a pair of buttons. I am thinking of crocheting those as well!

Photos later, perhaps, but I’d like to do the buttons first. On the other hand, we have some light and a little sun today, so doing photos today would make a lot of sense.


The Magic Loop socks are progressing well though this one does seem rather snug and I am slightly disappointed by the two lines that I am seeing at the joins. I think I am over compensating and pulling the yarn too tightly at the join. Must relax a little. Am now about halfway down the foot section. Should be at the toes tonight. This is very fast sock progress, for me at least.