Cracking on

Festive greetings, to those of you who might expect them.

The planned early start for today did not quite happen but I am pleased to say that the sour dough loaves are in the oven. The milk for today’s Bread Sauce is infusing nicely too, and potatoes are poised for par-boiling. Perhaps I am not entirely useless.

It’s a greyer day than yesterday but dry and calm at present. We may not manage an all-day walk due to ground conditions but I am fairly sure that we will be out on a beach later, then come home to the first Christmas Dinner that I have cooked in almost 20 years. It won’t be a fancy feast, just a simple chicken dinner and some Lidl Xmas pudding… just what  happened to  be in the house when we realised our picnic was not going to happen.

Looking at the 5 day forecast, it looks as though our Anniversary dinner is in trouble, I think we may be cancelling our Friday trip to Kirkwall.

Well, it looks like Mr L is off the phone to his family. Time for breakfast!


  1. December 25, 2012

    I can vouch for the Lidl Xmas pud – very nice. We had it for lunch!

    • December 25, 2012

      custard? cream? rum sauce? brandy butter? I am undecided – ‘im indoors wants ice cream

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