Well, would you look at this? I appear to be knitting. Doing actual knitting.

I actually started this Baktus scarf (Ravelry Link) whilst we were away for the winter. I managed four tiny rows and never picked it up again.

The yarn is a cheap ball that I bought in Action. It’s a 4 ply weight chenille and has 140g. I expect a decent length scarf from it.

This Baktus began life as a Herbivore shawl but it wasn’t working out. I like Herbivores but so does everybody else and thus I have ended up without one in my possession.

It is not my first Baktus and I doubt that it will be the last. It’s a great way to use just one skein of interesting yarn effectively. It is also an excellent “mindless knit”. Just four patterns rows in garter stitch. And not really any pattern, just increases in the first half and decreases on the return run.

Mindless is important right now as I have succumbed to my second viral infection in just a few weeks. I am feeling rubbish and in need of comforting. But I was also bored, having flounced out of my favourite Facebook Group today (and the only one that I was currently reading as I am taking a little Facebook Holiday for the sake of my soul.) So, I wrapped myself up snugly in my Colinette blanket, which I apparently named with great foresight as my Comfort Blanket, and I dug out some knitting.

It has been a very long time. Since we left Orkney, I haven’t even completed so much as a single sock. Even Mr L has been heard to comment that he misses seeing me, sat knitting.

Time to get back on that old knitting wagon, I believe – so long as my old hands will permit, anyway.

I had hoped to get the spinning wheel out, actually, but in the event didn’t quite feel up to that. Perhaps I will do so soon.

I feel a lovely handspun shawl coming on. I need to knit a shawl. I miss creating all that loveliness.

Serendipity: I have just noticed when processing the photograph that the yarn has pretty much the same green as my new dress!

Ravelry Project: It’s a Long Way Baktus

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