Happy to report that I feel less unwell than was the case yesterday. Unfortunately Mr L now feels distinctly under par. It’s the season, I suppose.

Yesterday we were talking about cheese. There were plans afoot for a meal of bread and cheese later. That is exactly what happened. We selected the Double Gloucester and the Millstone ewe’s milk cheese and carved hunks from the tomato and garlic bread that I had baked earlier in the day.

The Millstone took us aback. The Cheese Shed had described it as a “hard, dry, sheeps’ milk cheese” and I suppose I had mentally modelled it as somewhat like a Pecorino. It was however far harder and much drier than either of us had anticipated. It also looked… well… manky and mouldy. In fact it ate quite well but this is definitely a cheese to be eaten in paper-thin slices, most likely with a sharp accompaniment.  Not a style of cheese that we slab-eaters are accustomed to but that’s kind of the point of buying the parcel, in order to try new things.

The Double Gloucester was also harder and drier than the DGs that we normally see nowadays. An old-fashioned farmhouse cheese, well-matured (6 mo), it was stunning. Quite the best cheese that I have eaten in a  very long time. Wish we had more of it. It was perfect for eating with bread and beer. Bring it on, we’ll buy again if we can.

Today it was a simple Leek and Potato soup for lunch, dressed up for the season with croutons, crème fraîche and grated cheddar. We’re saving our appetites for this evening when I shall bring out the fresh ripe figs that I was thrilled to find at the local shop yesterday. I’m going to stuff them ntot with the usual Goat’s cheese but use some of that Millstone instead. We also scored some Prosciutto yesterday, so the figs will be wrapped in that before baking with a drizzle of honey and a scattering of fresh thyme. Yesterday’s loaf will provide croûtes to sit the figs upon and another star buy from yesterday, fresh wild rocket, will sit alongside. Food of the Gods, eh? Darned if I know what wine to partner that little lot with.

Puzzle progress is slow and knitting progress is zero. I have been wasting my time sitting in front of You Tube and playing Sensation Alex Harvey Band videos. One of the greatest bands ever, sadly missed.

We’ll be hunkering down later – Mr L with his guitar. I might try and spin, though we have little light to work by at the moment.


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