Bigger and Better

For some time now I have been itching to tackle a more substantial knitting project. I am minded to do the kind of knitting that goes on for a while – not in the sense that it languishes in the workbasket, but more in the vein of a large-scale and challenging project. This is the main reason that I have been working to clear my basket out. I want to knit something that requires living with it for a while. I had at first imagined that this would be an intricate large laceweight shawl. Then I modified that idea to a blanket weight version – the Girasole, before moderating back to a 4ply interim cosy wrap version.

You see, I have issues with woolly garments – but I seem to be fully stocked on accessories, like scarves and hats, now. To put it bluntly: I’m fat. And adding bulk with wool just seems, well… inadvisable. So, I aimed at a sweater for Mr L, but seem to have problems in actually getting on with that. Let’s face it, knitting for other people is nowhere near as motivating as knitting for oneself – and that counts double for bloke-stuff, which doesn’t involve lacy stitches or nice soft fuzzy yarns…

Yet my personality is definitely of the type that requires challenge and I am more than a little bored with rectangles and triangles for now. So I examined my Ravelry queue and found this little beauty calling my name: Rivulet by Shannon Okey. I purchased the pattern and I trotted off to my newest eBay discovery, Kingscraig Fabrics, and I bought some aran weight yarn, in a Sea Green colour.

I think it will look fine. But shall I dare to wear it? Only time will tell. Lots of time, I think. There’s no hurry for this and I feel honour bound to make Mr L’s sweater first. This must done before next winter. With a bit of luck and a following wind, I should have a sweater each for us by the onset of Autumn.

So when shall I fit the Girasole in??? To be honest, that feels less urgent since Mr L sealed up the front door today 🙂

Also in today’s shopping basket – this: 3/28NM heavy lace weight cashmere fiore mel LP from Colourmart which looks like a  very nice yarn for knitting PIF giveaways in, to my mind. Would make very glorious Hamsa scarves, I reckon, or a nice small triangle in the Swallowtail or Forest Canopy vein. Not that I am attempting to influence anybody. I just want to knit something up to see how glorious that colour really looks in real life.