Baking this week

Breadmaking this week has been limited to quick and easy plain methods. There have been two batches of bread made with the seeded flour. I made the first in the Lakeland oblong loaf baker  and the second in the Lakeland round baker.  No idea why it should be any different but we both preferred the second loaf. Greater area of crust, I suppose, and that makes it tastier. Both bakers are performing well and I have had no sticky problems.

Today I am tackling the life-changing loaf. No flour involved, and no kneading either. This recipe from My New Roots was picked up by the Guardian as one of its 10 Best Seed Recipes on the 30th March.

The Life-Changing Loaf of Bread

The life-changing loaf of bread. Photograph: Yuki Sugiura for the Guardian

The life-changing loaf of bread

This is high in protein, incredibly high in fibre and vegan. It is quick and easy to make, and almost all the ingredients – except the psyllium, which acts as the binding agent in place of flour – can be substituted: rolled spelt instead of oats, almonds instead of hazelnuts, honey instead of maple syrup …

I was lacking only 1 ingredient, the Psyllium husks – I ordered some via eBay and they arrived yesterday.

The loaf is mixed and is standing. I’ll give a verdict once it is baked and tested. Camembert and a slice of crisp apple, maybe?

We ate very richly yesterday – Mr L made Chicken Makhani and I made the side of onion bhajis. Today we are resting our tummies: there was grapefruit for breakfast and the planned Quiche Lorraine for tea-time has now morphed into Ham Salad Sandwiches. I am thawing the remainder of the Sage and Onion rolls that I made last week.

That’s it, then. I am officially at a loose end – with a no-knead loaf on the go and pre-made rolls for our supper.

I do however have a tray full of eggs, so perhaps I should find some egg-rich recipes to bake. The sun is shining once again, although we had overnight snow. I think I’d rather be out on the beach than in the kitchen, to be truthful.

By the way, that list of 10 Seed Recipes is worth a look – I at least want to try:

Seeded dhal puffs

These delicious little bread-based snacks are relatively quick to make, as you don’t have to worry about the dough proving the second time round. Freeze them either uncooked or lightly cooked and finish them off in the oven for an emergency snack.

and definitely this too:

Poppy seed torte

Poppy Seed Torte Photograph: Yuki Sugiura for the Guardian

A traditional recipe from the north-western Waldviertel region of Austria.

Including rum, lemon, and hazelnuts as well as poppy seeds. It reads very well indeed. It uses 6 eggs, and if only I had not placed all of my hazelnuts in one loaf, it would have been a strong candidate for baking today or tomorrow.

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