At last, a skein!

I managed to get the wheel out at around 6:30pm yesterday and filled my second bobbin of BFL. I plyed and skeined it, so at long long last have a skein of BFL to my name! I have been spinning it quite fine and only getting to spin on Wednesday mornings since puppy came into my life – so it really seems to be taking a lifetime to spin these tops up. It’s worth it though, it’s a fine colour and very, very soft. My spinning/plying leaves something to be desired and the skein has a distinct bias, but I am pleased overall – it’s an achievement. There’s still plenty waiting to be spun up, though, and I doubt I’ll be knitting any Xmas presents with it for this year at least.

Do we need a picture? or shall it wait until the job is completed?

Gosh, I am feeling pleased with myself!

I think it’s time we had a picture of the wee girl who is getting in the way of my spinning.