And the parcels pour in…

No sign of the quilting needles yet. How long can it take to shove those in an envelope and stick a stamp on it???

I did receive the new pin for my new debit card, replacing the one that I locked myself out of and can’t unlock due the need to get to a Nationwide ATM… no sign of the card yet, though. luckily, it hasn’t curtailed my spending power 😉

Also in the mail – my two laceweight skeins from The Yarn Yard. Neither is the shade that I thought I had bought – nothing new there. I havered and dithered and obviously plumped for ones I didn’t remember. Both are lovely, and each is very different.

The blue skein is Aurora col 425 (one left – see it here) – 80/20 Merino/Silk. A lovely violet blue, maybe deep cornflower, perhaps periwinkle – I’m not sure. It has more sproing (knitter’s technical term) than the pink. It looks as though it will give a good stitch definition and it sports that very gentle variation in shading that one expects with a hand dye, coupled with the slight shimmer of the silk content. Lovely.

The Machair is as soft as a naked baby’s cuddle. Less bulky than the Aurora, it has a soft twist and some halo. Both fluffy and glossy at the same time, it’s 70/20/10 baby alpaca/silk/cashmere – real luxury fibre at a very good price (only £1 more than the Aurora) The colour is a soft deep dusky pink – maybe Old Rose – I love it. I can’t show you right now, though – it’s all gone.

It is going to be fun, choosing the right patterns for these yarns, though a quick excursion around Ravelry last night suggests that most laceweight patterns are designed for a heavier yarn than these. I don’t want to knit them double, I want the yardage!

Lead contenders, in no particular order:

There are some yardage issues associated with some of those, but nothing insurmountable – and I may be led astray by the pattern that Natalie included in my parcel. It’s a very simple but extremely pretty shoulder shawl from Victorian Lace Today. I’m not sure I could face so much stocking stitch, though. On the other hand, it would be a quick knit to destash some of the Colourmart yarn that I am presently winding! Would  be good for Xmas pressies, I think.

Also today – more Copperpot roving. Wranglers and Rustlers this time. No plans other than a vague notion to fashion a present for Mr L. It’s a manly colourway. I find myself moved to start it straight away.

My stash is huge – both rovings/fleeces and yarn. No more, no more! I’m sorted for at least 12 months, I do believe.