An Island Year (December Reflections 11)

December Reflections prompt number 11 is: 10 years ago.

Same old problem… all my images are at home. I don’t appear to have been Blipping at that time but I have managed to log in to Flickr tonight and refreshed my memory…

Ten years ago, I was living one of the outer Northern Isles of Orkney, where we had been since 2006, with three dogs (Suzie, Griff and Nell) and we began the year with three cats also (Lulu, Teddy and Treacle)

Two out of three ain’t bad: Teddy and Treacle. Lulu was never going to be seen in the same frame as these two
We lost Lulu in the summer of 2009

If my photos are to be believed then the sun always shone on that island (it didn’t, not by a long chalk). It is a very gorgeous island.

The year began in rather cold fashion, with some rarely-seen snow.
The sky in Orkney is awesome
Cloudscapes were ever-inviting
Sanday has spectacular beaches

I wasn’t working at that time and was able to fill my days with creative pursuits. I was knitting a great deal, spinning, dyeing, weaving and baking and always taking photographs. I photographed everything that moved, especially Fulmars, and most things that didn’t. Always had my eye on an opportunity to flaunt the handicrafts in my blog.

More knitting!
A double whammy: Knitting with Baking
I was learning to weave too, using my handspun yarn when I could do so

And, yes, there was much blogging! FORTY pages of Woolgathering posts for 2009 (archive by date of posting) and they begin on Jan 1st here.

Yes, I could have run through them to find something interesting to write about here and now but time is short!

Yes, I am a show-off – so what? It was fun.

The highlight of the year in 2009 was, as ever, the Sanday Show. I created this image using FlickrToys to illustrate a blog post after the Show. I use it here because it absolutely illustrates who I was and what I was about at that time. Not much has changed to be honest and I do miss the Show!

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