Air Fryer Meatballs

I made meatballs and spaghetti today. I googled and found this recipe for air fried meatballs:

Freshly chopped parsley

Using 500 g of steak mince from The Montybutcher, I halved the recipe ingredients, adding some dried mushrooms that I had soaked for something else but not yet used and a teaspoon of tomato puree. I made 20 meatballs from the mix, using a small ice cream scoop to standardise the size.

Nicely browned after ten minutes

I cooked them for ten minutes at 180 C, without preheating and with no oiling. There was no fat in the pan after cooking.

Dropped into a rich tomato sauce with a little added red wine and some thinly sliced mushrooms

They turned out well but if I made them again (and I most likely shall) I would add a drizzle or so of oil to the mix because the meat was extremely lean and I would cook them for a slightly shorter time, perhaps 8 minutes. Alternatively, I might double the size and have two or three meatballs instead of five.

Served on fresh spaghetti with grated parmesan cheese and more freshly chopped parsley

We ate ten and put ten in the freezer for another time. It was plenty.

It may be about time to pronounce judgement on the air fryer. I feel that the verdict will be apositive one. It is certainly seeing plenty of use.

[Adventures with an Air Fryer]

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  1. Tugga
    August 28, 2018

    If you add one quarter of minced pork to your minced beef like the Italians do, you will find them moist instead of dry. Enjoy ?

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