Ah, right…

I had somebody here last night and she saw my Rainbow Swallowtail, thought it was gorgeous, and asked if she could have it. I couldn’t deny her, as it is so perfectly right for her. Besides, I have more than half the yarn left and could easily knit myself another. Clearly I can’t sell it to her, as such – copyright considerations and all that. But I can recoup my expenses with a clear conscience, can’t I?

Anyway, I agreed, costed the yarn out and gave her the price.

The next thing I know is… that a Ravelry user pops up and asks if they can trade the leftover yarn with me!

I’m fine with it. I had the experience of knitting the shawl. I had time to admire it. I have the photographs. I can let it go, and move on to the Girasole, can’t I?

Hmmm… Rainbow Girasole, anybody?

No, it wouldn’t be right. I’d already decided that although I’d like a larger Swallowtail, it just wouldn’t look right in the Kauni – the colour bands would be very thin at the tail edge. The same principle would apply with the Girasole. I’d hate it to look like an archery target; using increasing lengths of different colours wouldn’t work. It would lack the shading of the progressive colours in the Kauni. Post-knitting dye job? Tie-dye?

The Super-Secret Ravelry RAK project is washed and drying. I shall now complete a cashmere mitt. I may consider casting on the second. I may even decide to galvanise myself into getting ready for tomorrow’s spinning group… then again, I might just take my knitting again, especially if it’s nice enough to cycle.