A Tumult of Waves

Finished Object!

A tumult of waves FO

Morning Surf Scarf pattern, adapted for size only. Knitted in Colourmart Cashmere 2/28 NM, held double. Seven colours, mixed in various combinations. Blocked to 74″ by 15.5″. Ravelry project:  A Tumult of Waves

Made for the Item from 100 gms Wool class in the annual show, 1st August 2008. Entered despite a glaring error in the piece….

Cast on: July 16 2008

Cast off: July 31 2008

At midnight 30th July, it looked like an amorphous blob


An amorphous blob that had an entirely incongruent navy blue strip in it. I was despondent, but didn’t give up


More knitting, with careful choice of colours, before breakfast on the 31st saw more of a smile on my face and it was cast off, washed and blocked, in readiness for taking for submission in the evening. The navy blue balances far better now, and blocking it helped to soften the colours further.


I was a bit stumped on the blocking, as the piece was over six feet long. In the end I realised I had a long worktop in the utility room. It meant chucking Lulu outside for a few hours, though.

The effort was worth it!

third-thb FO-3-thb

Lovely, isn’t it?

FO-1-thb FO-2-thb

FO-4-thb FO-5-thb

Now all it needs is a home to go to.