A Knitting Conundrum

Today is cold and misty and feels quite miserable after all the recent sunshine. In all honesty, I was not displeased that today was not my turn for exercise.

That said, I must be doing something right because yesterday I exceeded my 12,000 pace daily fogoal despite the lockdown. I confess myself impressed. I must have been on the go all day.

Not today, though. Today I have done very little. I haven’t even hung the laundry out as this morning was so very cold and damp, it seemed a pointless activity.

I have been sitting by the fire, playing silly games on my tablet but once I pulled myself together I decided to get some knitting out and review my options.

The Baktus scarf is coming along nicely, albeit very slowly.

Although it is very cheap yarn (from Action) and I really only bought it in order to have something to keep my hands busy, I find myself really liking this project. Unfortunately, no matter how well it turns out or how much I like it, I shan’t be able to wear it (manmade fibres!) It will be up for grabs, once finished.

My problem at the moment is that I have no knitting chair. Nowhere to sit comfortably with my needles or any way to work ergonomically. The Baktus is on 35cm straights, which my armchair does not accommodate well. I struggle to get in more than 2 or 3 increase repeats in a session.

So, I went out to the van and brought in my travelling sock kit.

After all, I managed to get little work done on that whilst we were away. I hoped that knitting on circulars would be easier within the confines of my chair.

There are currently two pairs of socks on the needles, one each for me and Mr L. My first sock has a heel turned, Mr L’s first sock is nearing the toe. Mine are prettier and more cheering to knit but his promise a faster achievement.


Whilst I was photographing the content of my sock kit, I noticed a knitting bag sitting on an unused chair. It seemed to have contents!

More yarn from Action!

This yarn is wool and I can make something for myself. This is a scarf that I began last year when we were back in the UK and spending time at the hospital with Mr L Snr.

For reasons that are probably obvious, I had forgotten all about this project. It was wiped from my memory.

Now that I see it. I recall why this one didn’t get too far. The needles are too thick for this project, which needs a looser tension to get the scarf to drape. I remember now that I was very unhappy knitting this. Unfortunately I had no other needles available at the time. Well, I still don’t. If this is to progress I must buy some thicker needles.

The project does appear to lack charm so perhaps I will frog it and try something else.

I may say that I can keep this one but… you know…. not my colour! Whatever it morphs into, this will probably be up for grabs too.

I think that I have a few other knitting possibilities at this time, if I find the energy to delve. I do believe that I kept a (very) few choice balls but…

…there are two buts. The first but is “but I think that Mr L should have his socks“. The second but is “but I want something new, exciting and wonderful in beautiful colours to get me through this lockdown!

So, there you have it. The conundrum: Online Shopping for something new and exciting that will involve patience and waiting for a delivery – or Disciplined Knitting: knit as much Baktus as I can at one time, then switch to boring old man socks when I need to ease my body.

I could have my Conundrum and eat it too, couldn’t I? Shop first then do the Disciplined Knitting whilst waiting for postie?

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