A few scrambled thoughts for the day

  1. Mr L normally cooks us a curry from scratch on Saturdays
  2. When I called him from Tesco on Thursday, he asked for some king prawns… perhaps he would make a Pathia.
  3. I purchased the necessary, adding in items such as chillies and coriander
  4. The hens(s) has/have ceased laying in the nest boxes and are laying eggs in the body of the coop
  5. Not knowing this, we have missed egg collection until today and now we have 5 eggs
  6. Yesterday, Mr L said he didn’t fancy a curry this week
  7. I didn’t kill him
  8. We eventually determined that the prawns might be nice with some homemade pasta
  9. It has been a long time since we made pasta together
  10. Had I known on Thursday that we were to have pasta, I might have bought a pot of basil instead of coriander
  11. And white wine instead of red
  12. In the spirit of compromise and economy, tonight’s dinner will be king prawns cooked in garlic and chilli and served on tagliatelle with a side salad of tomatoes and red onions…
  13. …washed down with a Crianza (!)
  14. I’ll chop the coriander in some olive oil and store it in a jar in the fridge until later
  15. Pasta made with home grown eggs is  bright yellow in colour…
  16. …and generates feelings of smug.
  17. Dennis is going to a new home in a few weeks and I shall miss him very much
  18. I have no idea how Minnie will cope with his departure.
  19. I have made a naughty purchase today but am keeping it for a Show and Tell on Tuesday
  20. The Clapotis is into the straight section and I have dropped two stitches already
  21. The Mingus sock is now behind schedule…
  22. …and I am in trouble now with the finish 2, start 1 plan as I seem to have joined a monthly sock KAL
  23. we made a (joint) extremely naughty purchase last night
  24. I am wondering just how quickly two people can eat five kilos of Turkish Delight without becoming diabetic
  25. Of course I’m not thinking that. What I am really thinking is, who can I share this with? and what might people want to swap for a half a kilo of Turkish goodness?
  26. Which brings me back to Naughty Purchase #1 (the logic exists, truly it does – as Tuesday will demonstrate the conenction) and a plea: will somebody please stop me from buying some excessively expensive sock yarn? Like NOW. PLEASE.


  1. January 22, 2011

    It’s nice yarn, but I’m a bit underwhelmed by the colours so I hit the little cross without even a slight feeling of regret!

  2. January 22, 2011

    It’s nice yarn, but I’m a bit underwhelmed by the colours so I hit the little cross without even a slight feeling of regret!  

    It’s for a KAL beginning 1st Feb. That’s the recommended yarn and I am having problems in finding anything else matching its weight. I planned to snag that skein of Leith left at the YY but it is rather lighter at 400m/100g than the Silk Crush is at 343m/115g… or under 300m per 100g. Too large a difference, methinks. Posh has nothing similar, nor does Fyberspates.

    Any ideas on a suitable substitution? I am wide open to suggestions, apart from spinning my own – not feasible in the time scale.

    (I agree about the colours, BTW. I like the one that is out of stock. I also do quite like the Maple, but not for this sock
    http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/gordes — the colours on the dyer’s web site are actually stunning and a very wide choice)

    Anyway… I’m always fascinated that our USAnian cousins seems to prefer a thicker sock to us. Almost every US pattern I look at uses a heavier yarn than most sock yarns available in the UK and Europe. Do they suffer from cold feet, do you think?

    There is always Jitterbug, of course… but the skeins are so short for socks! I would need two skeins for Mr L’s size 10’s

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