A Farewell to the East


Yesterday I ushered in the next phase of PS4 Directions, but failed to summarise the last two months. Perhaps that was because the East pretty much left me untouched, despite the very few plans and ambitions that I was nurturing back at the beginning of May.

I knew well enough that yellow isn’t “me” but I did hope to work with some Spice shades at the very least. There was a roving that I began to spin, but we shan’t dwell on that particular disaster.  No, with one thing and another, and a whole bunch of conflicting commitments, and a yarn that turned out to be not what I wanted to knit… the last two months have not been a very creative period for me.

On the positive side, I am more more than pleased that I have been nudged in the direction of my camera again – and also towards my graphics tablet and my image editing programmes. I feel flushed with a surge of new creative energies. (Well, anything rather than knit on the ‘orrible scarf .)

Anyway, it’s goodbye to the Yellow East and a big hello to the red and fiery South. The ‘orrible scarf bridges the color gap nicely. I do also have some socks lined up – which I would very much like to have ready for the Annual Show at the end of this month. There’s just the (usual) small matter of a needle crisis as my  “North” socks are still languishing.As for the roving, it will get finished some time. For now, I am concentrating on spinning dyed fleece for hand weaving singles. They’ll come in to their own when we turn west…