24 hours short

On the way to spinning today I stopped my bicycle to speak with R. I mentioned that I was madly knitting away ready to take my things in to the Show on Friday night. “You mean Thursday night,” she said…

Of course. I knew that. I knew the Show was on Friday 1st August, and not Saturday at all… So why hadn’t it impinged on my consciousness?

Anyway, my schedule is all out of kilter now. (Schedule? Ha!)

I have been furiously knitting my Tumult of Waves all day but the last time that I weighed it I had still only 64 grams in it. I’ll never make it to 100 grams – this lace cashmere goes such a long way, even when held double. I knitted a dark blue band into it this afternoon and it has spoiled the whole thing. If I had more time I would rip it back and remove that bit.

I’ll never be ready in time. And, seeing as Mr L can’t take time off for us to go to the Show together, I begin to wonder whether I shall bother entering anything at all.

On the other hand, I have two scarves washed and blocked and ready to enter, plus a pair of socks and one set of skeins is ready to go. But I  have no cards made, no photographs printed… no entry envelopes made up…

I don’t know. Ask me again tomorrow, around 9pm. I’ll know by then.

My bargain 10 balls of sock yarn from Astrid’s came today. Very nice indeed.