Flash, bang, no wallop

It was thundering and lightning again last night so we unplugged the router for safety’s sake and retired to bed with the lappie, to watch a film on Netflix.

Spot the flaw in that plan.


So, we stuck a pin in the pile of old DVDs and came up with The Blues Brothers; always an enjoyable romp. We have the set, so may watch Blues Brothers 2000 tonight. It is not so good a film but does have some great musicians in it.

At least we still have our broadband connection. Never a bad idea to unhook in good time.

Today has been mostly kitchen tidying again and I have been attacking the herb and spice supplies. Mr L has been grouting. Although the wind has died right back today there are heavy skies still and occasional rain. It’s not really conducive to going out and about but tomorrow looks like a distinct possibility. We shall be limited in where we can roam, with the ground being so wet but the beaches do beckon. With a little bit of luck I may even get some laundry out on the line.

I have the beef olives slow-cooking in the Aga on a bed of vegetables and fresh  herbs and half a bottle of full-bodied red. I shall be serving them later on  a celeriac purée, with roasties and that broccoli that needs using up. Yes, I am enjoying having good things to cook with, thank you and the house smells fabulous.


Knitting progress is comparatively slow still but steady and I joined in the second ball last night on my way to the armholes. I do not really mind the work being slow, it’s meditative and has sufficient interest to stave off boredom. Having recognised that a birthday sweater is not feasible, I have just settled into a steady jog. It is far better for my hands when all be said and done. All that I need to do is to maintain focus on the one job and not wander off to something light and lacy and, well, fun. Possibly even pink.

PINK! (I need to store this out on the caravan - out of sight, out of mind)
PINK! (I need to store this out in the caravan – out of sight, out of mind)

It does not help one whit that the shawl needs the same size needles that I am using for the sweater; I have more.

Here’s the new Nutmeg grinder.

111215 (2 of 4)

Today’s mail brought…. chocolates. We have subscribed to the Hotel Chocolat Tasting Club again, in an attempt to stop ourselves from buying junk. The idea is that this is our total allowable monthly treat  spend. We will always have something to look forward to but are not allowed to fill in between deliveries with overly-sweet cack like Cadbury’s.

In Other News: I am having the devil of a time in trying to find my T-pins so that I can block various knitting projects awaiting attention. I may have to buy new pins.

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