Stranger than fiction

The Sock and I decided that life is too short to spend hours confined on a ferry and in killing time kicking heels around in town. We stayed home and did a little mutual growth exercise instead.

Stranger than fiction, but every bit as compulsive

Yes, it does look strange/odd/peculiar, and we are running on faith here, but I can tell you that knitting Skew is every bit as compulsive as reading a good thriller. I just cannot put it down, for wanting to see just what manoeuvre comes next!

The Sock and I are at the inner ankle. Markers have been added and further growth is imminent.

Ravelry Project: Whiffy

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It’s a reasonable day today and thus we have the back doors standing open. This means that Chloé can come and go as she pleases (she refuses to use the cat flaps and expects us to give her ingress and egress via the sitting room window). We were taking a coffee break in between sorting out the van, when we heard a strange Chloé-type noise. I did not like it. I wondered if she hadContinue readingThanks!

Petunias always make me think of Dinghies

Petunias always make me think of Dinghies

It has been a busy day, not much time for anything. We walked the dog this morning but I took no photographs until I decided to take a few potshots in the village on our way back.

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