Oh, oh, Kermit’s back

The Skew sock was completed last night and I tried it on. This thing is just not going to work, so it is off to the frog pond for it.

A strange looking thing... all Skew Whiff

I had a lot of fun, the whole knitting thing was a real magical mystery tour. I’m glad I made it, but I am never going to wear it, so there is no point in making the second sock.

Left Skew Completed

What’s the problem? Well, there’s the usual toe-up problem that I have – the sock doesn’t offer sufficient depth around my instep/heel. This pattern actually makes it on to my foot (hurrah!) but doesn’t offer any comfort. The toe is all wrong for my foot, too. Additionally, I do not like the feel of the skewed fabric against my skin – at least not in this horrible scratchy yarn.


The Origami Moment was fun, and I was extremely pleased with my grafting.


Overall, a fun project. I might tackle it again in the future after I’ve done the maths to improve roominess about my ankle but I’ll certainly use a far nicer yarn. Knitting this Regia reminded me why I love Toddy so very much!

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Petunias always make me think of Dinghies

Petunias always make me think of Dinghies

It has been a busy day, not much time for anything. We walked the dog this morning but I took no photographs until I decided to take a few potshots in the village on our way back.

It has been bugging me

It has been bugging me

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Van Nessa : Her Leak

Van Nessa : Her Leak

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August, 6-9th, 2019

August, 6-9th, 2019

Deeply disappointed by our early return from the Dordogne and buoyed up by slightly cooler weather we effected our plan to go out “little and often” in an attempt to train the cats for living in the new van. Melle, Fontaine de Villiers Trip the 2nd for Van Nessa. https://campingcarpark.com/en/shop/parking-areas/camping-de-village-area-of-melle/ Another former Municipal campsite, smaller… Continue reading August, 6-9th, 2019


  1. March 5, 2010

    Sorry it didn’t work out for you. If you ever decide to try it again, there are high-instep mods on my blog.

    • March 6, 2010

      Thank you, that is brilliant news. I shall investigate – then find a nicer striping yarn to play with – and have another go.

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