Socktoberfest 2008

Socktoberfest 2008 was my first Socktoberfest, but it will not be the last. I found it useful to have a supportive community available to help me through those UFOs.

For my first Socktoberfest I set dual goals. I wanted to learn to knit Magic Loop socks, and I needed to complete at least the Vanilla Mansocks and the Grreen and Grrowllies.

I licked the Magic Loop and used it to produce Socktober Mountain socks, then popped the Vanilla Mansocks onto the loop to finish them. A pair of Mama Janes slippers also came to fruition and the Grreen and Grrowllies made good headway, eventually finishing off just outside the Soctoberfest month, and being finally grafted on the 4th November.