Tag: Butternut Scarf

February 26, 2009 /

A themed RAK on Ravelry’s UK RAK group gave me an opportunity to make two test drives in one pass. I wanted to test out some chunky yarn that I had from eBay and I also wanted to see what an unblocked chunky Butternut Scarf would emerge like. The theme was “red,” the recipient enjoys dark reds, the yarn that I had was a rich deep dark red – it had to be done!

January 8, 2009 /

I know the theory of lifelines, but rarely effect the practice. Sometimes I put one in for the first pattern or two, but soon get fed up and lapse. I’ve never actually had the need of one, so it has been easy to be lax about it…

…I had to rip out eleven rows of cobweb weight lace….