365:65 Kitchen Chemistry

365:65 Kitchen ChemistryOn this day in 1869 – Dmitri Mendeleev presented the first periodic table to the Russian Chemical Society.

‘Tis a wondrous thing, the Periodic Table. A marvel of organisation and a great tool for predicting the degree of reaction between elements. I enjoy the Visual Table of the Elements enormously: [url=http://www.rsc.org/periodic-table/element/57/lanthanum]here’s a pertinent example[/url]

Maybe a sledgehammer to crack a nut when it comes to raising agents, though. Deep-fried fish for supper, anybody?

65 down – and a round 300 left to go!

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A Month in France: Nothing is Lost

A Month in France: Nothing is Lost

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Oh, deer

Oh, deer

Nell and I had a lovely walk this morning. The weather has cooled considerably and there was a very pleasant breeze. We both made better time than of late. … Continue readingOh, deer

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