365:43 The Gratuitous Cat

365:43 The Gratuitous CatIt was always going to happen – the day when I could not come up with a shot and had to shoot the cat instead.

I found little interesting related to 43 and so I looked at “This Day”. My choice was to be a reference to the theft of Munch’s The Scream. Mr L would not pose. I tried 5 times to capture a selfie that I could filter to be Scream-like. I failed miserably. Time was pressing – I have much work to do today.

This we have The Gratuitous Cat. Better one of those than blobbing so early in my 365.

Treacle made himself at home on the staging that I used for yesterday’s shot. It seemed only reasonable, as the camera was still on the tripod, to avail myself of the possibilities.

The new camera has arrived and the battery is charging.