365:28The plan for today was obviously to capture the moon. We are however still in the thrall of some biblical weather conditions and the moon has not been visible once since it rose at 06:15 and set around an hour ago.

So here we have my brand new and freshly delivered Mason Cash mixing bowl, a great big one for bread-making. I could stretch a point and claim it to be 28cm in diameter (which it kind of is, internally) but it’s actually 29cm.

I have not had my hands on one of these beauties since I was in the Dom Sci room at school.

Anyway, it’s still not a fail – I included my current favourite kitchen utensil – a wonderful purple silicone mixing spoon. As you are no doubt well aware:

[b]Silicon is a chemical element with the symbol Si and atomic number 14 – it’s Atomic Mass is 28. [i]Silicones[/i] are large group of polymeric compounds with an (Si-O-Si) backbone.[/b]

Phew, tortuous but I got there!

Edited to add: when researching 28, I found out that it is a Granville number. Now, I don’t know what a Granville number is but oh, my, was I ever tempted to set up an Open All Hours reference for today. It gets better though – 29 is a [i]Perrin[/i] number! I do hope that we get a break in the weather tomorrow…

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