365:135It’s [url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aly_Bain]Aly Bain[/url]’s birthday.

I first came across Aly in the mid-eighties. I was recovering from surgery and draping myself across the sofa, idly watching the Shetland Folk Festival on the telly between naps. My son, then around 7 years old, I guess, came home from School and exclaimed “[i]Oh, Aly Bain and Phil Cunningham![/i]”

How young Dan came to be so aware of folk musicians, I had, and still have, no idea.

This is my fiddle. I bought it a while back, with the intention of fulfilling a long dream of learning to play folk-style. I was tortured by classical violin lessons at school and this turned me off for a long time, but I’d love to be able to fiddle a jig. Sadly, I have yet to draw a bow across this instrument.

Having taken the fiddle out of its case for a photo I may well leave it out and see what a little DIY tuition can do. More likely, I shall put it away again.