Did I say "Brr" ?

When Mr L announced that the Wind Chill factor this morning was -5°C I decided that today was the day that the thermal legs needed to come out of storage. All I can say is that when I took Nell out I was perfectly comfortable with no jacket on – though I did have my Jacob Urchin on 🙂 The Widen Chill is not so bad as it was early on, and was registering a little under -3°C when I checked it just now.

The Coastguard have been round today in their very jazzy 4*4 – we swiftly hid a barrel of French Brandy under the bed… (I wish!) Frankly, when I saw a Very Official Looking Vehicle approaching, I thought that TV Licensing had finally come to get us. I was so looking forward to telling them that they couldn’t come in. As it got closer I realised that my ambition of leaving an Enforcer shivering on the doorstep was not going to realised this day 🙂

My muslin has arrived in today’s post and I am all ready to get my sewing machine out. One day, I mean. Some day. But I am all prepared.

No knitting last night – we took the Mac to bed and watched some telly on the BBC’s iPlayer. All three episodes of Sunshine. I’m not a Steve Coogan fan but I do like Craig Cash and Bernard Hill. How bad could it be? Well, actually, it was fairly good – once one got over the Coogan factor. He over-egged his particular Coogan omelette as he always does. Probably worth watching, if you haven’t already seen it. Have a hanky ready if you are the susceptible kind (like me.) (I’ve just noticed – there are currently only 10 hours left in which to watch any of these episodes)

So, today I have that over-stuffed feeling that comes from too much telly watching. I feel the need to be active, but it’s horrible outside.

Maybe we need a bout of extreme knitting? I could get out my doyly.The light is lousy, though and won’t lend itself to fine work. But I think that I may have a plan. First, though, I have to make Chocolate Brownies. I hope that I don’t sneeze on them – yesterday’s aches and stiffness remain but today I have added sneezing to the inventory. It had better disappear soon because I do not want to spoil my unbroken run of cold-free health since running away to Scotland five and a half years ago.

Leftovers for lunch – there is half a goats’ cheese tart left and we’ll have it with a few oven chips as a matter of economy/laziness, so I have time on my hands today.

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October 21, 2020 at 10:55AM

Time to go. Pastures new tonight, another revisit tomorrow. #livereportingfromtheroad #Spain #autumn2020