WhitehallSunday night’s ferry being cancelled, we made our way home on Monday’s morning boat. On the refit timetable, this service goes via Stronsay, which makes it a long trip. I was however excited at the prospect of something different to photograph…

…until I realised that I had left both cameras in Brunhilde on the car deck, which cannot be accessed during sailing.

I had with me my phone. The sea was still quite bouncy this morning and all that I managed to capture was a great deal of camera shake. I then found an app promising a feature that takes several shots and saves the least blurry image as the best option. Thinking that sounded good I tried it out by snapping the village of Whitehall as we berthed at Stronsay.

I’m very disappointed at all the blocky compression but there you are, it’s the only Blip that I have to offer for today. Take it or leave it.

I shall be ditching that app and looking at Mr L winsomely every time I utter the words “Birthday” and “iPhone”

NB – today [i]should[/i] have been the [url=https://www.polaroidblipfoto.com/entry/2011398348593957766]Monday Outlook[/url]. As we only arrived home at 10:30 am, and I immediately rushed to get my bin bags out as I could see the collection vehicle already making its way down the road -[i] I completely lacked the presence of mind to fetch a camera and take the weekly shot.[/i]

[b]Backblips: [/b]
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Monday, that’s today

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