Very smart

Very smartSo, we now have a new inner front door. That’s two out of three doors fitted. We are already registering increased comfort levels.

This door has a smart blue face on the other side that will be a match for the new range cooker when we get it. We had wanted it to face inwards but the manufacturers could not cope with that. The blue goes outside. Oh, well.

It was good that in yesterday’s foul weather we had this project to work on. Today is a far better day. It’s sunny, rain-washed and quite breezy but the wind is from the south east and that means the west-facing bedroom window can be replaced today. That’s if the recalcitrant screw in the old frame can ever be removed. Mr L currently resorting to a large drill and lots of grunting.

Sorry for the boring picture. I did take my camera out when I went to the surgery this morning – and I did see some gorgeous peedie piggies, but not at a point where I could readily stop the car to take a photograph.