Veggie Lunch

The very next time I start to moan about having to go to town or about how much I hate going shopping… please remind me of how much fun I am having with two full salad drawers in my fridge.

I spent a joyful morning in the kitchen today, making a blue cheese and broccoli quiche and some salads to go with it: some giant couscous with a simple oil dressing and herbs and spring onions; a rocket and beetroot salad with apples, walnuts and celery in an apple juice, maple syrup and mustard dressing; and a confection of green beans, baby corn and mushrooms dressed with a garlicky-sesame hemp oil, honey and and cider vinegar dressing.

Mega calories, I am afraid and nowhere near as healthy as it appears. Delicious, though and that’s what counts in this household not, I’m afraid, waistlines.

I made enough for about 6 people, so we shall be revisiting this meal at tea time. All these years and I still have not learned to cook for 2.